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The fabric

The WS-ecoactive Fabric is the result of 2 years working closely wit a local textile supplier, to develop a fabric that is both sustainable and technical.
The fabric is a blend of Polyester, elastane and nylon, knitted in a way that allows the existence of  micro bubbles with in the fabric. This creates a thermal-smart barrier permitting the inner heat to escape and at the same time blocking the outside cold from coming in.

The polyester thread (which accounts for 80% of the composition), is sustainably sourced from reclaimed fishing nets and plastic bottles, and since the end product is destined for people who love the sea, it is very “full circle” and low impact.


Enjoy the peace and freedom while feeling warm, dry and protected from the sun.


Reach your inner peace and don’t let your outfit define how much you can stretch.


Fly above water without any restraint and feel the wind on your face and not your body.


Work on your strength and power with full freedom of movement.


Feel empowered, comfortable and confident. #youknowyoucan


Make the most of your passion being able to move freely and not feeling cold.


Focus on breaking your marks and forget about the weather.


Be summer ready! Sail, sunbathe, swim and have fun looking your best.


Enjoy the good parts of life feeling beautiful and always ready for the next adventure.