Wetsweets: The brand - Behind the brand there is a story, a passion

The brand

Wetsweets is the tangible proof that with passion, love and persistence, women can achieve anything they set their minds to.
The love for water-sports in general and the lack of active wear designed with the needs of real women in mind, took the founder of Wetsweets into a journey of a lifetime.

She quit a very successful career in the field of psychology, in which she spent 21 years of her life, to start a project aimed at improving the comfort of women that love kite surf, sup, surf….basically anything water related!!

With her experience as a water-sports fan herself and the knowhow of a local textile supplier, they developed the WS-ecoactive Fabric.

A material that is both sustainable and has a wide range of qualities. So much so, that it is not just great for water-sports, but for all physical activities!!
Once she had the fabric, she started designing a collection combining patterns that allowed the bodies of women to perform freely and with confidence, with prints that went far beyond the standard black surf suit.
And that’s how Wetsweets was born!!

Since then professional female athletes from kiters to yogis all over the world, choose Wetsweets to accompany them in their passions and challenges.

So welcome to Wetsweets!! A brand aimed at empowering ambitious women of all ages, that enjoy practicing sports and feeling beautiful at the same time!!

The Wetsweets team